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4ème génération de l'Apple iPhone. La réparation est relativement simple, mais la vitre avant et le LCD doivent être remplacés ensemble. GSM / capacité de 8, 16 ou 32 Go / Modèle A1332 / noir et blanc.

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swollen battery for the second time, how come?

hi, about 3 months ago i've had an iphone 4 with swollen battery. i've replaced the battery and back cover.

today the customer is back again with the same problem. not as swollen as last time but still enough to crack the back cover...

(the phone is death if you put in the swollen battery)

what could be the reason for this? no signs of fall or water damage...

replacing the battery works but will this happen again?

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Are they using a non-apple charger? Its possible its not turning off when fully charged?


thanks for the quick reply, they told me they use original chargers only. the screen is black, i can't do anything if the swollen battery is in


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Maybe it's the problem with the battery. The phone is built with multiple safety measures to ensure the battery is never over discharged or overcharged. It even cuts power or permanently disables the battery if it has to.

Apple technician guides stated clearly NOT to use batteries removed from the phones. Removed batteries are potentially dangerous.

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i don't think it will happen again. It's not your fault!

Chances are your iphone 4 battery already had a few hundred cycles on it.

you should get an iphone 4 put a jailbreak on it and use "batteryinfo" to read out the number of cycles before you place the "new" battery into a customers iphone....

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