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La deuxième génération de l'iPad avec les modèles Wi-Fi, GSM et CDMA. Certains modèles ont été rafraîchis avant l'iPad 3. La réparation est difficile, nécessitant de chauffer les parties collées, ainsi que de la précision et de la concentration afin de judicieusement détacher les différents composants.

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anybody tried to simply add one module?


are there any new information about this interesting topic ?

Particularly, on the iPad 2 (16gb) logic board, we can clearly see there is a free space supposed to accept a second NAND chip.

What's more interesting is that all the peripheral small electronic part seems to be already in place !

That means that the board seem super ready to accept two modules (as is probably the case on 32, 64 models).

Did't anybody tried to simply add one module ?

For someone getting stuck for some reason or another with a 16 Gb that would certainly be both nicer and cheaper to have an additional internal memory than buying wifi HDD or using not so ergonomic camera connector....

Any experience with this ?

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Jules -

Don't know were your looking at there is no free space for a second chip. The space I think your looking at is a chip on the GSM versions of the iPad2. Besides the costs & risks don't make is very economical for someone to do this as a service (desoldering the smaller chip and putting on a larger one in its place).

Heres a good view of the different iPad2 logic boards Step 3 image

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