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Can a 2011/2012 MBA system board go into a 2010 chassis?

I cannot find anything on this on google.

Essentially my ex gf's 2010 macbook air has died.

While looking on ebay there are 2011/2012 MBA system boards available reasonably cheap and the thought crossed my mind if this can be done.

Now from my understanding the MBA chassis has remained the same for the subsequent 3 MBA releases. Even retaining the same LCD screens and ports etc. So the newer System board should fit perfect, just a question of does everything plug in and does it work, or have apple changed the connectors for things like the keyboard, battery etc

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Sorry no, the boards are very different and can't be interchanged.

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In what way are they different? What i can see on ifix it The mounting holes are the same, the shape is the same to fit perfectly into the chasses, the connectors are the same (from what i can tell). Only slight differences are battery connector shifted to the right. (can buy appropriate battery).

Ebay confirms parts interchangabiltity on many of the parts. (ie keyboards, fans, ssd, speakers, blutooth, displays etc).

Id just like to know if you have solid evidence that this is not possible, or are just saying it for the sake of it?


The battery connection is the issue (maybe I should have been clearer on why). By the time you add in the new battery the cost of doing this exceeds the cost of buying a used working unit. I got the wrong board by mistake and when I tried to fit it in I hit this snag. I never powered it up so there could still be issues. It just doesn't make sense economically.


OK well thanks for your input. Altho macbook air batteries are very cheap aswell. And they cant be much worse then a second hand MBA's battery pack.

It looks like i need to go ahead and try this upgrade path out, to do it for curiosities sake, and for other macbook air owners. (somebody has to do it).


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