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The BlackBerry Z10 is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by BlackBerry, previously known as RIM.

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I dropped my phone in water

i fell into my pool yesterday and i had my z10 in my pocket. i set it in rice and took out the battery and the next day i tryed putting the battery back in and the red light wont go and it wont start help me please i cant get another one

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jaden myers, disassemble your phone. take a look at this teardown to see if you are up for it. Once it is disassembled, clean every part with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. This includes every connector and cable. Check for any burned or missing component. You can use a soft brush, just be careful that you do not knock -off any component. Once cleaned replace the battery, reassemble and re-evaluate for any damage. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Some shops offer to give your smartphones a deoxidizer bath. This worked in my family with an iPhone incidentally dropped in a bath. Try it fast before it's too late. Keep your phone in a rice bag before it to try and aspirate the remaining water.

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hi today my phone [blackberry z10] fell into the toilet and it turns on its just that the screen doesn't work what I mean is that when I try to get into my phone it wont let me...when I touch the screen it doesn't do anything....I don't know what to do someone please help thankyouu.

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