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does not work in my bose docking station or hold charge

My Ipod got a little wet at the beach, it worked fine after I dried it but would not hold a charge when off,I changed the battery and still same. I just tried it in my Bose docking station and it wont work in that, even though it use to . I tried my friends in the dock and it worked.what might need to be replaced or adjusted?

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peterc1224, the very first thing you want to do is to disassemble your iPod and clean everything with a high grade (90%+)isopropyl alcohol. Clean the dock connector as well with a soft brush. Check for corrosion and bend pins. You said you already changed the battery for a new one, so you can skip that. After it is cleaned reassemble and re-evaluate. It is of course possible that you have a short circuit on the board or a bad SMD component, so check for any missing charred or burned looking component. Hope this helps, good luck.

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