4ème génération de l'Apple iPhone. La réparation est relativement simple, mais la vitre avant et le LCD doivent être remplacés ensemble. GSM / capacité de 8, 16 ou 32 Go / Modèle A1332 / noir et blanc.

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Error 2001 and 2006 keep appearing when I try to restore

I submerged my phone in water a while ago, I took it out after a few seconds and left it to dry in rice and silica. I plugged it into my laptop a few days later and it seemed to work, so I continued to use my phone as I normally would but after about a day it started overheating and suddenly stopped working. I took it apart, fully, and dried it the best I could as I could still see some condensation, but couldn't get my hands on any rubbing alcohol so I just dried it with a flannel being careful not to break anything. I left it another week in rice with the back cover and battery taken out, plugged it into my laptop and I got the following errors: 2006, 2005 and 2001. I also tried to replace the battery as I had read online that it had worked for other people but I still got the same error when trying to restore my phone from iTunes. When I plug in my phone it shows the apple logo and then a plug with an arrow pointing to the iTunes logo. When I unplug it it doesn't seem to work.

I have also taken it apart and lost a few screws so I don't think I'd be able to take it into a shop and try and get it fixed, and it is out of warranty. I showed it to my brother and he thinks it might be one of the pins where you connect the phone to a charger is broken which results in the iPhone not being able to charge, but I was able to charge it before it was submerged in water. Any advice would be great as I don't really want to have to buy a new iPhone!

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Sam Coldman, these could be the result of corrosion damage or shorted components. I suggest that you no longer try to turn it on or try to charge it. Disassemble it using this guide and properly clean it. Use this guide to clean it. It was written for a 3G but all the points are still valid for your phone as well. Always check your board for any missing, burned or otherwise damaged looking components. you said you tried to replace the battery, but did not tell us if you did. Definitely make sure that you have replaced the battery, reassemble your phone and re-evaluate for any problems. The heating up could be caused by a shorted charging coil. Check the voltage on the battery connector (with the battery disconnected)and see what you get when the phone is plugged into either a USB port or an AC charger. If it does not charge properly, you may consider another battery,a new dock connector (of course you are using a compliant cable :). If none of that works for you, the issue will be either with the charging coil or the power management IC. Here are a few items you want to check as well. I hate to refer to those as fuses, but they most certainly control part of the charging circuit. First one is reference designator L3, it is a FERR-120-OHM-1.5A inductor. L4, right below it , has the identical value. Next would be the charger inductor L28 2.2UH-1.8A-155MOHM. All of these are pretty much available at mouser. com or digikey.com.

Of course, you also want to try what Apple suggest:" If you experience this issue on a Mac, disconnect third-party devices, hubs, spare cables, displays, reset the SMC, and then try to restore. If you are using a Windows computer, remove all USB devices and spare cables other than your keyboard, mouse, and the device, restart the computer, and try to restore. If that does not resolve the issue, try the USB issue-resolution steps and articles listed for Error 1604 above. If the issue persists, it may be related to conflicting security software. If the errors persist on another computer and known-good USB cable, the device may need service." from here.

Last but not least, or may be it should be first;) try a hard reset as described 1) Turn off the iPhone. Make sure the USB male end of the cable is attached to the system. iTunes should be launched.

2) While holding the home button plug your iPhone in.

3) Follow the on screen instructions to a hard reset. This removes all data from the phone.

4) Try to restore your phone. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Hey, I cleaned it and everything when I disassembled it, nothing looks damaged that I can see, but like I said my brother told me one of the pins on the connection bit might be broken? I also successfully replaced the battery. I'm a bit confused about what you're talking about with the fuses, should I try to replace these? I also tried what apple suggest and doing a hard reset, unfortunately it didn't work.


check those for continuity with an ohmmeter


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