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Are the backlight and LCD sold separately

I'm trying to determine cost if the backlight is out.



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You can buy the CFL backlight bulb at but it's a ^&%* of a job to replace and most of the times the inverter cable is the culprit. How did you troubleshoot your screen and came to the conclusion the backlight was faulty ?

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I did confirm the inverter's functionality by using it to properly light another lcd. So problem pointed to the lcd, backlight or cables. Thanks, CL


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The backlight is a small CFL bulb included in the LCD. We do not sell the backlight separately. The backlight is powered by the display inverter. If you have a "dim" LCD, chances are you just need to replace the inverter. That is usually what fixes issues with the backlight.

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Thanks for the swift reply. VERY reassuring that folks actually read these forums.

Glad to know about the possibility of separate purchases. Anyway, I have not narrowed the problem down to the backlight or lcd. I simply replaced the entire screen - lcd with its original backlight intact.

I need to break down the costs involved for this repair, so I can properly bill the client. The way it sounds, the labor involved for backlight replacement may outweigh the price for replacing the lcd, backlight and all.

Chris Leeds, ACHDS

Well Connected Life

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