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The first generation Honda CRV, produced from 1995 to 2001.

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How to install backglass

Install backglass in 01 Honda CR-V. The latch will not work after replacing glass. Need steps in install.

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You replaced the glass already, but your latch is not working?


if the latch works and be locked and unlocked, i.e, use a flat head screwdriver, push the locking mechanism in and see if it locks, then your problem is with the u-shaped striker bar on the window itself. unscrew the two screws holding the shroud on the window in place, and you will see two hex nuts holding the striker. loosen them and move the striker as far forward as you can, then retighten. (with the window up, you be moving the striker down, so that it will go further into the locking mechanism. if you take the nuts off entirely, you will see that the nuts go through two square holes that provide for the ability to slide the striker down so that it goes further into the latch. nuff said. DWS


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Gary Shaw, go to this page and scroll down to the "service documents" header. You will see two blue links, click on those to download the service manual. Part 2 page 20-78 will show how to replace the glass and the proper adjustments. Hope this helps, good luck

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Update (02/12/2017)

2001 honda crv rear window latch rear hatch window will not close when I push the button to unlock it the latch go's back and fourth but doe's not stay latched.

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