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The Samsung Impression is a slider-style mobile phone with an AMOLED touch-screen.

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Can I swap the glass or do I need a whole front?

My front glass is scratched on the phone and would like to know if i need to swap the whole front or just the glass can be swapped and also, the sides are a little nasty from my pocket and dropping it.

Anyone know where to get a whole digitizer/front cheap?

Got it late 09 or early 2010

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digitizer is around 14$ - same as the complete used housing with digitizer


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since the touch screen digitizer are sold seperately on ebay - i would say that you only need the part - i searched for "A877 Touch Screen Digitizer" and found 44 buy now items

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I can get away with a whole digitizer?


looks like it - use the pry tool that comes with the digitizer to open the phone.

the next bigger step would be the whole faceplate with the digitizer


if i get a used front i want no drop damage on it

Would that cost more?


surely, but i think you have to adress this question to the specific sellers on ebay ;-)


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