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Les modèles MacBook Air avec écran à 11 pouces.

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Are the logic boards on these models interchangeable

So I have two malfunctioning Macbook Air's- both A1370, one is a mid 2011 (i5 1.6) and the other late 2010 (intel Core2Duo 1.4). The logic board on the late 2010 needs replacing. The palmrest and screen on the mid 2011 need replacing. My question is- can I swap the Logic boards and end up with a working 2011 logic board in/with the working mid 2010 chassis/display? I assume that this is possible and that they are both A1370's for a reason..! ;)

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I now have the same question as Pabz did back in August 2013. Can anyone confirm that a mid 2011 MacBook Air 11" 1.6 GHz core i5 logicboard will go into a late 2010 model? Both are labelled model A1370, but the newer board has Thunderbolt, better graphics support and 6 Gbps SATA vs 3 Gbps. Thanks very much.


Parts catalogue says NO it won't'' - For future reference you posted a Question in the place where only Answers belong.' Please use the add comment link'' to the appropriate Answer, Question or create your original Question.


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Should not be a problem

Graphics would be your big problem. I doubt the older board could drive the newer display. If the data cable connectors look like a match the reverse shouldn't be an issue.

I have not done this swap... I'm just looking at the information provided.

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