iPhone 5 Not Updating Status of Charge/Other Problems?

I just got done finishing the installation of a new battery, and I followed the instructions to a T. When I finished installing the battery, I put everything back together the way it should be but I have two small problems.

Problem 1: The top of the screen doesn't sit the way it did before I opened it. It sticks out more at the top than the bottom. I'm not talking much, maybe fractions of a MM extra?

Problem 2: The screen isn't as responsive as before. When I'm typing, it sort of lags and then it catches up really fast, sort of like when they phone is "busy" and then it catches up with what you're typing. However, it's not only during typing but scrolling and when tapping the screen. It is generally overall less responsive.

Problem 3: When I plug the cable into my iPhone to charge it, the percentage doesn't update unless I restart it. I know it is charging because when I plug it into my computer, it is seen by iTunes and it vibrates like usual.

Problem 4: Okay, another problem has arisen. When I use the phone, it dies randomly. What happens is vertical white lines appear, then horizontal white lines appear, the screen turns grey and it turns off and then turns back on.

Any ideas? I am super upset because I followed the directions EXACTLY how they were and I was beyond careful not to screw anything up. I have tried connecting and reconnecting the battery, connecting and reconnecting all the screen connectors and nothing. Nothing is working.

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