LCD panel replacement w/ Samsung LTN170WP-L02 on A1229

Hello everybody,

I have just finished the LCD replacement on my MBP A1229. The original panel is a LG Phillips, the one I ordered was said to be 100% compatible (Samsung LTN170WP-L02).

I followed all the steps of the guide and everything went OK, there's only one thing, the holes on top of the panel don't match the frame, there are only 3 and none of them at the same place as the original. This is not a real problem, the side screws are OK.

I finish the repair, switch on the Mac, I have a grey screen, the Apple logo and then it goes black after a few seconds. The computer is still on and I can see the screen with a lamp - no backlight.

Then I tried all the resets without any results.

I found one solution : Boot the MacBook, wait till everything is loaded then close and open the screen, it lights up 3 seconds each time and goes out again. When it is on, I set the brightness to 5-6 and it works fine. As soon as I increase the brightness the backlight goes out again.

Does anyone know if there is a solution to this problem ? Will I ever be able to increase brightness ? Do you think that changing the inverter board would help or is there a solution with settings or software / firmware update ?

Thanks !

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What OS are you using?


OSX 10.5.8 Leopard


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Asked & Black LCD after boot screen (Replacement LCD). - Contact your vendor.

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