Logic Board Swapping Compatibility?

Basically I've bought a 2012 logic board on ebay for a bargain and its a way higher spec than the macbook pro i previously fixed.

Anyway according to ifixit guides and wikipedia basically besides the logic boards, the 2011 and 2012 a1286 models are no different components wise.

So therefore can I buy a 2011 macbook pro thats broken and put it in? Reason being is on ebay they are significantly cheaper.


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over 500 views and noone knows anything about this?


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If you have a board from a retina machine it must go back into a retina machine - it can not go into a non retina machine. Likewise a retina machine can not be driven by a nonretina board.

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It isn't ,you can get that spec on a non retina 2012 model


If you knew the answer why did you ask for help 3 separate times? When you ask a question sometimes the answer is not the one you want to hear, but repeated asking will not change facts.


No need to be rude. There are minor changes despite the near identical logic board. There are a few differences with stand offs etc


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