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Soldering LCD Connector? How?

So I have an iPod Touch 4th Generation obviously and was replaceing the screen! I was waiting for adhesive to get shipped so the screen wasnt on fully. Sometimes it'd come off by itself haha. But eventually the LCD connector broke so I took it off. Bought the new connector and I need help on how to solder it on! Or who can solder it on? I don't want to ruin the device trying bye myself so if you can help in any way, PLEASE do so :)

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Colton Brayton, if you have never done this kind of repair, I would try and find somebody to do it. Use Google to find some online repair shop that is close to your geographic region. Here is is good video that shows how it is done. This is not to advertise the company who put the video out. Hope this helps, good luck.

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