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The BlackBerry 7520 is integrated smartphone with speaker phone, two-way radio, GPS and Bluetooth.

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Why My BlackBerry can't work?

I want to watching videos which i purchased from iTunes but failed. How can I make my BB to work?

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Since the music files you purchased from iTunes stores are protected by DRM, you could NOT play them on your BlackBerry directly. And you could NOT also convert the DRM protected music files to MP3 or WMA directly with iTunes media player. However, iTunes allow you to burn the protected music files to CD-R or CD-RW disc to make a standard audio cd. TuneClone installs a virtual CD burner on your PC, and let you convert the protected music to unprotected MP3 files automatically. Then you can transfer the unprotected MP3 files to BlackBerry.

Here's info on how to do it:

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