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La PlayStation 3 Slim est la deuxième version de la console de jeu vidéo PS3 produite par Sony Computer Entertainment. Elle est sortie le 1er septembre 2009.

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Is it possible to upgrade HDD?

After installing a new HDD what next?

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This post has two different questions, so I will try them both.

It is possible to upgrade the HDD and at times might be more effective than going through Sony. For an easy guide on this refer to this link:

After it has been installed you only need to format it (That link talks a little bit about it) and update it to the most current platform. After that, play until you wish to play no more!

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after you install the hard drive, it's going to ask you to plug in your USB controller, then device with system back up or update, [when i put mine on, it states an error so i downloaded the 3.30 update from official ps3 website to my USB drive, then Blam! the console formats my 500GB 2'5 inch western digital 5500rpm it took a while but never really had any problem during the upgrade process..

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