Doesn't boot, only the chiming sound and it freezes.

My MBP doesn't boot. I can hear the chime, it starts to load OSX, but after about 10-15 seconds it freezes.

When i try to boot in Safe boot mode, it works well.

I've tried to reinstall the system from an usb pendrive and from an install dvd also, but i experienced the same like when i try to boot normally. ( Chime, apple logo, and it freezes after 10-15 seconds )

In verbose mode i didn't see any kernel panic, the loading stops in various operations.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem?

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Sounds like disk failure or OS corruption. Boot from a repair disk and run DiskTools->Disk First Aid:repair disk, and repair permissions. You could run AHT 2 or 3 times to see if it detects an error (often running AHT only once finds nothing wrong).

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Here is what i did until now:

-SMC reset

-NVRAM reset

-I formatted the HDD in an other mac, the disk seems to be ok.

-I am unable to run AHT ( Nothing happens if i push the D button )

-when i try to boot from an osx install dvd or a repair disk, it freezes again during boot.


THat might be a bad Optical Drive... can you boot to an external HD with an OS on it or from a Target Booted other Mac?


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