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La famille Mac mini a été introduite pour la première fois en janvier 2005.

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Disk Utility reports a fatal Hardware error.

When I run Disk Utility on my Mac Mini, Model Power Mac 10.1

it reports a fatal hardware error on the 37.3 GB Toshiba MK40 .

What tools and parts do I order to fix this Mac Mini (serial number is as follows: G853374STYV).

Should I also put in a new battery while I am at it?

Thank You


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Hi! From what you mention, it sounds as if the hard drive is failing. If you have data on the drive, it would be a good idea to back it up now so that if the drive crashes permanently, you won't lose data. If the drive is still working, and you do not keep valuable data on the Mini, you could always keep using it until it dies. I use mine, for instance, exclusively for video streaming, so if my HD got an error, I'd probably just let it go until it blew up and then deal with it. :-)

If you do choose to replace the hard drive, this would be a good opportunity to install a larger one, and possibly upgrade the RAM as well, depending on how much is in there.

Here's iFixit's PPC Mini hard drive replacement guide, which sounds like it's probably the one you need:

Mac mini (PowerPC) Hard Drive Replacement

There are also some good video guides on YouTube that walk you through the process, and that is helpful because there are steps to the Mini process in particular that video can make clearer. Does anyone know whether this older Mini uses a SATA or PATA drive? My Mini is an Intel and uses SATA, but this one is PPC and I suspect PATA.

I'm unclear as to what you mean by replacing the battery, since this is not a laptop and does not have a battery, unless you're possibly referring to the PRAM battery?

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The above poster is right- since it's fatal I doubt you can repair it with disk utility, so it needs replacing, a genius bar will actually sometimes do it for you for free. They did replaced one for me for free out-of-warranty. So i suggest you back up your data and take it the apple store.

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all ou would need is the harddisk, and some screwdrivers - and I used knives to take the case apart. look at the teardowns and guides to be prepared to what you encounter.

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Hi there,

I have tried to repair my mac mini G4 with disk utilitys. But it does not seem to be able to repair the disk. It says: Problem finishing. HD has to be repaired. The repair option is grey, so I cannot even try to repair it.

I tried to make a disk copy with the utilities, but it stops and says: File could not be found, because it does not exist.

Other that that the mac runs okay, but quite slow.

Thanks for your help


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