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Also known as the m300, the Clip is a simple MP3 player by SanDisk released in 2007.

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Retriving Voice files from dead MP3 player

I have a Sansa Clip Mp3 player. The battery completely died after 1 year of use and will not recharge, it will not boot when its on the charger either. Can I change the battery ? OR - How do I get inside this device and retrieve the Voice files I recorded. (I recorded my Grandmothers voice and she has since passed away.) Can you help me out ? Is there a way to get this device open and retrieve the memory off the chip ? I'm mechanically inclined so I am sure I can do this with instructions.

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Actually the Sansa Clip is kind of a pain to open and change the battery, as you have to go through a few clips to open it, and you have to solder the new battery in. I would recommend that you look up s few videos how to open the device, and how to properly solder the new battery in. The battery can be found for around 10 bucks, and if you arent up for the task of the soldering job, your best bet is to find s good friend that can, or as a last resort, you could take it to a local repair shop. I hope this helps!


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