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MacBook gets stuck on white screen after yellowish apple logo screen?

Ok, i really need help!

When i try to turn on my macbook pro 15" late 2011 model on, it dos the chime like normal and apple logo appears but seems to have a yellowish highlight right on top the apple logo, not the whole screen. Just the logo is highlighted. After that it gets stuck at white screen.

  • It doesn't boot in safe mode
  • It doesn't boot in recovery mode
  • I've reseted PRAM
  • I've tried every Macbook shortcut.
  • I uninstalled hard drive and it seems to be working fine, i was able to retrieve my important docs with an enclosure.
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With your hard drive in the external enclosure, hold down the option key when booting and boot from it. If you have no problems, replace the hard drive cable.

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