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La génération de Mac Mini unibody en aluminium est identifiable au numéro de modèle A1347, couvrant la gamme depuis 2010 jusqu'à 2014.

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One RAM slot dead?


I tried to upgrade the memory of my 2010 mini.

Took the 2 x 1GB out, 2 x 4GB in, restart and just one beep.

Took all out, cross checked, tested a lot of times with various DIMMs.

Finally and that's it: Only the DIMM in the upper slot works. No matter which.

One DIMM in the lower slot - beep. Two DIMMs - beep. One in the upper - chime and start... No matter which DIMM.

I did smc and pvram resets.

I don`t see any faulty contact inside of the slot, there´s no dust or anything else.

I'm worried that I killed somehow the lower slot, but how? And what to do now?

Any tip welcome!



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You run it with 4GB in the upper slot - which is 2x the RAM you had before. OR, you have to replace the logic board or see if you can find someone who can repair the RAM connector (not a DIY project).

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