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Came in a 20 GB and 30 GB model. 1st Generation model shown.

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Gets stuck in Recovery Mode - Firmware Problem

I bought a Dell DJ 30 gig MP3 player many many years ago and enjoyed it for a few years. I decided to sell it, but wanted to upgrade the firmware and clear the songs first.

After trying to upgrade firmware it got stuck in Recovery Mode. I've tried the 4 options it provides including the hard reset with paperclip and nothing works. It makes a slight clicking when performing the 4 options which could mean bad HD. Should I keep messing with firmware or just sell it on Ebay AS-IS?

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tough googling

but here are the results:

register here and download the (or try to find it on other pages)

read the instructions here

but don't be scared - the page is in chinese - but the important parts are in english

you will also need the firmware for the dj

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