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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB DDR5 Video RAM

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Upgrade LCD Screen to High Res Anti glare Matte

My dumb employer ignored my request for a new pro. I specifically asked for the Hi Res Antiglare screen (Matte). Instead they up-spec'd everything but the screen. So I've got all the high end options but with the low end glossy display. Can I upgrade to the high res antiglare?

I should need the high res lcd and the metal silver bezel. I would remove the glass front and glossy lcd. My main question is does the laptop display assembly from the glossy lcd (LCD and glass front) accommodate the matte lcd and simple metal bezel? Meaning are the display assemblies the same regardless of which lcd is installed?

I see ifixit has no high res LCDs in stock. This is the Mid 2012 model, which looks like it uses a different matte bezel because they changed the isight camera opening.

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This is a very advanced DIY project- perhaps you'd be better served putting a matte covering over the screen since the machine belongs to your employer.

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I know it's not simple, I'm technically capable of doing it. And I don't care who owns it. They tried to sell me on a covering overlay. I could tell just by the online pic how bad it will look. I want the higher resolution in addition to the matte finish. It might have been returnable but it was a custom order which Apple doesn't take returns on.


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If you're dead set on this, just purchase the hi-res screen assembly on eBay and sell your glossy one to offset the cost. They are swappable (assuming you don't mean the retina screen), and will be perfectly compatible. You need to match up the correct part number to be sure, but it will plug right in and work fine. I've done this 3 times for people in the same boat.

Good luck!

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Hi! I'm thinking about doing the same on my mid 2012 non-Retina MacBook Pro with by-default-low-res-glary screen. It's the 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7 with 512 Mo VRAM. Are you saying it is possible to replace the screen assembly by the mat-hi-res finish one with aluminium bazel?? Isn't there a bit of plastic you have to trim down or something like that?

I would be sooooo grateful if you'd answer this!!


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