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Modèles de Macbook Pro avec écran de 15 pouces

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Should I replace bevel or hinge?

I have a 2009 MacBook Pro 15" whose hinge has major issues. The bezel has begun to separate from the glass so the hinge is no longer being held securely. I am not sure whether replacing the bezel would suffice or if I need to replace the hinge and bezel. It is to the point now that I can barely open and close the unit. My work demands that I travel with it so this is an urgent concern. Thank you for any ideas you might have.

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This needs to be addressed right away. In the Mac world these parts are know as clutches. A drop of 3-in-one or light wt oil on the hinges (use a tooth pick) then tightening the hinges may solve your problem with out replacement.

If tightening doesn't work you know you have to replace them. That's a major project and at that time you may as well replace the bezel (that's a big one too).

Obtain all the recommend tools and study the guides before you begin. Most DIY damage is from people who claim to have "read" the guide but missed essential infomation/cautions/notes and damaged their machines further by tearing connectors off the boards or cables.

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Thanks for the info. I've been told this is a major repair. Do you have a technician you recommend if I opt to not attempt the work? I live in Seattle so finding someone local would be a help.


Sorry - no I live thousands of miles from you - but - google/yellow pages Angie's list might get you some names then ask for a quote. Apple authorized service center or an Apple store would be reliable (but maybe more expensive).


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It sounds like your issue might not be the hinge itself, but rather the frame of the LCD assembly coming undone from the lid. You can NOT repair this issue by replacing the hinge or the bezel, as neither of these (alone) is the issue. You can try applying a "generous" amount of super glue into the area of the frame/lid where it's separating and then squeezing it tight as hard (but as carefully) as you can until it dries. If you can remove the LCD assembly to do this, that will make it a LOT easier to apply the glue and apply pressure where needed. Once dried, the glue will at least make it "operable", but the most economically feasible repair for this issue is to purchase a new LCD assembly (~$200.00 on eBay for this model).

Good luck!

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