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Le Samsung Galaxy S3 est un smartphone multi-touch, au format ardoise, capable de suivi oculaire, au stockage accru et avec une option de recharge sans fil.

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Touchscreen works, but display is dark. Can I fix it?

After the phone fell from my pocket onto a tile floor, the display went black. For a while I could see a few thin, faint horizontal lines at the bottom of the display, but then those went dark, too.

The touchscreen still works. I can answer calls (if I swipe in the right part of the screen), take pictures (if I can hit the camera icon blind), and so on.

I used the disassembly guide to locate the display data cable. I pried it off gently, then snapped it back on and reassembled the phone, but no dice - it acts exactly the same. What else could be the problem? Is it fixable?

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LCD is broken.

Samsung galaxy S3 LCD screen and touch screen, they are one and the same.

You need change it. Probably $ 132.

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Yup, as Chloe said, LCD was damaged, you can replace the LCD+touchscreen+frame, which can make your repair much easier and less risky, S3 screen replacement is not that expensive now, it costs less than $80, check it out:

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