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Processeur quad-core Intel Core i7 à 2,0 GHz, 2,3 GHz ou 2,6 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,8 GHz) avec 6 Mo de cache L3 partagé.

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What is the correct surface mount fuse value for the LED.

Looks like I got hit with the magic drop of coffee. My MBPr backlight is off but the LCD data on the screen appears fine. Both external video ports also work. I have taken a look inside and noticed a tiny little drop of coffee on the bottom case near the video cable. there appears to be no other damage or corrosion. I have spot cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol with the battery unplugged. Although its still under warranty, It will take 7 days and I would likely be hit with a "water-damage" fee which exceeds $1200 on this machine. After much research and past experience I believe that this 2A 0402 fuse is blown and needs to be replaced, $6 for 10 LOL. Before I take it into my local tech for metering and replacement with his magical solder tweezers for surface mount components, I want to order the replacement fuses and have them with me.

Does anyone know the specs of the replacement fuse on this model. Thanks for any info and this awesome site over the years.

Update: Looks like Apple may have made this harder than it needs to be. The component may have been moved to the underside, cpu side, of the board. Any suggestions on location for testing.

BTW, what a beautiful computer inside and out!

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Sync, double check your source. I do not think that it is a 402 package.

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The backlight fuse has reference designator F9700, it should be a 3AMP-32V-467series in a 603 package. Something like this should work. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you for the clarification!! I can solder a 603 myself with my loupe. Yea!!

Lets hope that's it. I would rather give apple money for a new mac pro than a repair. :-)..


@Sync, I agree. Check the fuse for continuity first. Make sure that it is the part that gives you issues. The backlight circuitry is somewhat intricate and a bit of a pain to fix. Best of luck to you.


Hi everyone. I had a similar issue. I have a Mid 2012 13" Mackbook Pro, non-retina display, Model A1278. I replaced the entire LCD assembly with chasis and I still have no image. The laptop computer boots up fine, pointing a flashlight through the Apple logo I can see the image on the screen. This leads me to believe that the backlight fuse is out. Can I test continuity on the fuse without removing the motherboard? I found the fuse and it is very small, brown with a P on it. I tested it and got no continuity. Just don't know if I am testing correctly. Do I have to take out the motherboard and flip it over to test? Also, what fuse do i need to purchase. I was told F9800 but this chat says F9700. Thanks for your help.


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