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Modèles A1297 Unibody : Début 2009, Mi-2009, Mi-2010 & Fin 2011

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Compatibility keyboard 13 / 15 / 17

Hi there,

I wonder if all the keyboards of the 13" 15" and 17" are exchangeable ?

Since they have exactly the same size etc... I would think that I can put a 13 keyboard on a 17 machine from the exact same year of production...

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Sorry no,

They are different. While the key caps or the same (the part that has the keys markings and snaps off). The key mechanism is different between the series and age of system. Then you have the mounting some use screws others use pop rivets and still others a mix of screws or rivets. The holes are not quit the same on the metal plate (let alone the holes in the case). Then the last piece is the ribbon cable/s the given series are different and their mountings to the logic board are different.

I do think Apple is moving that way as there seems to be fewer versions now, but we're talking about the new Retina modes not the older units.

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How about backlights on keyboards? Are thye also not interchageable?


Most replacement keyboards have the backlight with it (if that series has one). The connections are also different between the series so you can't always reuse a salvaged one either.


Ok thanks for the answer... !


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