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screw-thread broken, how to solve it?

guys, bad news.

when i was trying to replace my optical disk driver, i accidentally broke the screw-thread on the top right, i mean the one on AirPort/Bluetooth board by using a wrong screwdriver. so i can't take out the optical driver. :(

does anybody know how to solve this kind of situation?

many many thanks,


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One of the stripped screw solutions may work - small easy out, drill, dremel tool but take much care to avoid shavings or metal bits falling to the logic board.

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thanks machead3. but you see, the one i was stuck is the one in a hole, which made me unable or really hard to do your way. almost desperate on it. :(

maybe i should abandon the idea of changing the optical drive to a HDD. sigh...


drilling is your only option… keep a low powered vacuum near the drill bit.


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