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Quatrième génération d'iPad, annoncée le 2 novembre 2012, disponible dans les modèles 16, 32 ou 64 Go. Numéro de modèle A1458.

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Ipad 4 lcd doesn't work properly after digitizer replacement


I have searched on ifixit database, but I haven't found the exact problem I have.

About 1 week ago I replaced the digitizer because it got broken. Things looked ok but after a week the Lcd, when working, suddenly gets totally blurred and impossible to do anything.

If i turn off the screen with the power button (sleep mode), and then turn on again, you see the image ok for 4-5 seconds and then it gets blurred again, so I dont know if it's because the motherboard, the lcd flex... Or whatever.

The image can be shown properly for some seconds, then, I assume that, more or less the hardware involved is not damaged.

I've tried to update to ios 7.0.4 and to restore ipad but the problem persist. Any help in this regard will be very much appreciated.

Best regards

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Any dark red color appears? If it does, afaik from many other tablets its a bad sign, the dark red i mean is like a halo visible all over the display and blends with everything, like juxtaposed.

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