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The BlackBerry Z10 is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by BlackBerry, previously known as RIM.

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How do I get my z10 out of this cattch 22?

I did a reset on my phone via bblink because my phone wasn't responding to touch for over a week. during the software reload I had no problem, but it seems during the last process my wifi got disconnected.

When the boot screen came on, I noticed a bright line of color came on from under the screen and kept coming up until it covered the whole screen and the phone didn't boot; So the screen is stuck at this point and I cant seem to do anything about it.

I tried to reload or reset the phone via bblink again but it keeps saying "the set-up process for this phone is uncompleted". I cant set up coz the phone is stuck and I cant reload or reset coz I cant set up. a catch 22 situation that's driving me against the walls. please help.

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Hello Michiel. Blackberry STL100-1. Thanks for replying. It does seem that issue has been resolved; I was advised by a friend to autoload the OS and I did that on Saturday; the phone booted fine and took me to the set up page. However, I'm still stuck because the screen is not responding to touch so I still cannot continue set up or do anything useful with the phone. This does mean that the screen issue is a hardware fault isn't it?

I should mention that some months ago my screen got broken and I had to replace it; I noticed that the issue with the touchscreen started after the replacement. Sometimes the screen would not respond to touch and I naturally assumed the tech person who assembled it may have omitted something. Do you think its a more serious issue?


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What version of the Z10 do you have? You can find it under the battery (see here how to get it out: BlackBerry Z10 Teardown)

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You can simply solve the problem by replacing the touch digitizer only to see if the problem lies within that, or you can get to a service center and leave it to the experts!

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