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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro SK17i comes with a 3'' screen, a slide-out keyboard and a replaceable battery. Released in August of 2011.

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Why is my phone draining battery so fast?

Hello, i had my xperia mini pro turned off with battery fully discharged. When after two months I wanted to use it again, it drains ANY battery in minutes and also recharge it back on 100% in 10 minutes. I tried 3 different batteries, from my friends Xperia X8 which has same battery with same scenario. While battery is on 100% everything is good, it can stay on 100% for maybe 10-30 minutes (depends on use) but when capacity decreases to 99% then it comes down 3% every 1,5 minutes (again depends on use). So after 25 minutes of use is my battery fully discharged. When I plug phone into charger, it can charge phone to 100% in 20minutes but then again comes really fast discharging which makes my phone unusable. When i took battery from my friends phone with 70% of capacity and insert it into my Mini Pro ,it came down to 50% in less than 5minutes. When I gave it back to X8 it was enough to 5hours of use. I also tried to flash new kernel and cyanogenmod but it doesnt help. So I think it is not problem of battery but something is charging/discharging battery, I dont know, maybe short circle? I will be gratefull for any ideas. Thanks

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Hello! The ic for charging on the Mother board is broken. It is hard to replace it by yourself. So I suggest you send it to service center for repair.

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Thanks, I forgot to write that phone has been in service center to repair flex cable and I think after that,these problem starts. So it might be it. Is there any tutorial how to do it? I am buying new phone so I dont want to pay more money for this one, but I want to make it usable if something happen to my new phone. And really thanks for the answer! :)


It is hard to buy one charging ic on the market. It is too hard for you to disassemble and re-solder it to the mother board because it is tiny. So you need to have the service center repaired it.


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I think your battery was over discharged. The capacity of battery will shorten due to over discharge.

Full discharge means to adjust your cellphone to the lowest power consumption state and then you use your cellphone until the battery runs out of its power(automatic shut off).

After full discharge, the inner of Li-ion battery still keep a little of electricity which is essential for the life of Li-ion battery.

Do not let the Li-ion battery lie idle after full discharge. Due to the idle Li-ion batteries will slightly discharge with time, it will lead to over-discharge.

To know more about Li-ion battery, you can see this blog. I think it will help you.

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Yes but I tried it with 3 different batteries, which in another phone works normally. So I think it is not a battery problem. But thanks for a reply!


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