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12" PowerBook does not wake from sleep

Dear fellows,

my A1104 doesn't wake from sleep any more. When it goes to sleep, the sleep light begins to flash for a fraction of a second and then goes off. At that point I have to reset the PMU (ctrl-shift-opt-power) in most cases to power on again.

Initially, this happened only with the (almost dead, just enough capacity to boot) original battery place, even when running on mains. After a few days it also happened with a aftermarket battery with ~40 cycles and also with no battery installed.

Things I tried:

  • two different batteries, but also mains only
  • bring to sleep via lid close/menu/command line
  • removed every unneeded peripheral, including AirPort card and RAM extension
  • boot with a fresh OS X 10.5 installation from external Firewire disk
  • boot with Gentoo Live CD
  • zapped PRAM

Should I try to get another DC-to-DC-board?

Anything else to try?

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I would try resetting the SMC first here. Follow this Apple TN: Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC).

Also, check out this little gem coconutBattery 2.8. Lets see what it tells us on your battery and the charging circuit.

I don't think your DC in board is any issue here. I would make an effort to clean the contacts of both the charger and the system if the contacts look dirty.

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only Intel-Macs have an SMC, their equivalent on PowerPCs is the PMU.

Contacts look good. There are no charging or battery issues. The PowerBook seems to power off (or at least the sleep light goes dark) shortly after going to sleep. This is 100% reproducible with either of both batteries (with and without charger) and without battery.


Silly me! I know that ;-}


Lets try this again, check the PRAM battery is it good?


The 12" apparently doesn't have one, only the 15" and 17" PowerBooks.


Has to have something to hold the time & date (besides the removable batt). Check the time & date stamps on the files (making sure you don't connect to the internet time server via WiFi or Ethernet)


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