blue light - system will not boot

Bought a PS4 from a Christmas church top fund raising car boot in UK

Box was sealed and I paid £480.00 but when I have set it up I get the blue light issue. I did get a phone number from the guy I bought from but on trying it, it does not exist. Tried all the solutions listed by Sony but no joy so call Sony customer support in the UK.

I was told they will get another right our to me and ask for purchase detail. When I told them where I bought it and that I do not have a receipt they said tough and they would not be able to help me.

This is outrageous they have only just released this machine they know it is still under guarantee with or without the receipt. They must be able to use serial numbers, bar codes etc. to find out point of sale if they need to but they point blank refuse to help and are now leaving my son without a Christmas present - totally let down by this gigantic organisation and feel ripped of by them and the guy I bought it off.

Any one know any fix for this blue light issue?

If I lived in the USA Sony would be now collecting and sending me out another - another case of rip-off- Britain where this multi -national organisations can get away with anything - Merry Christmas Dan

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