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LCD flickering after digitizer replacement. Tried new LCD, still same.

The LCD had no issues when the customer brought in the ipad mini. When I replaced the digitizer, the lcd was all greyed out and 2 black lines running down the middle. I assumed it was a bad LCD so I tried a new one and the same problem persists. Could this be a board issue? If so, is there a fix?

Tried hard reset, same issue.

Original LCD

New LCD (red is to protect customors identity, not on actual lcd)

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This is probably a logic board issue. What most likely happened is that a connector was damaged. You may need to replace it.

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Thanks, that's what we thought. We'll try apple and see what they have to say.


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Were you able to fix your problem? I am confronting the same issue. The screen is flickering(the image jump and jump all over the screen) Both LCD I have tested so far are broken inside, so I don't know if this flickering is caused by the broken LCD or by the connector.

Let me know, thanks!

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