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Dell Inspiron 531s desktop computer.

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help I can't start my computer

I restarted my computer, and now it says. NTLDR is missing press ctrl + alt + del to restart. It goes to the DELL screen then restarts over again. What's going on

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No important files just trying to get it running ugh stupid technology... I got it from Walmart a few years ago still like new but it never came with a reinstall Cd


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Sounds like a corrupted install. NTLDR basically means it doesn't know how to boot from your hard drive.

if you don't have files that are important you can do a reinstall, or if you have files you want, you can plug the hard drive into another computer and copy those files to the good computer, or create a partition when you're installing and it'll save your files.

let me know if you need help with any of those steps.

Hope this helps.

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I have the same problem with mine,but I havent got a cd to reinstall windows xp.

Help please


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clive, almost impossible unless you have an OS. You may contact Dell and see if you can obtain an recovery disk.


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