I have a 2nd HDD but it's just showing as a device.

I have a 1tb HDD in place of my optical DVD drive, I wanted to put my 140gb of music on there and then have programmes like iTunes Traktor etc on my SSD. However the HDD just comes up as a device and keeps trying to transfer all my music to the iTunes folder on the SSD. Now I've tried switching the folder directory and even removing the existing folder from the SSD or just moving the original to the HDD. All to no avail.

Will I have to install OS X on this HDD?

I already have Mavericks running on the SSD

Any help?

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I have, I changed my main hard drive too to an SSD so can't do it that way.


Hold down the option key when starting iTunes a dialog window should appear asking you to locate the iTunes library. Pick the location you want. After iTunes finishes starting quit iiTunes. Next time you open iTunes it should "remember" your changed library location.


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