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The Welland NetShare GX ME-752GNS is a desktop single drive NAS device.

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Help With Factory Reset or IP Reset

I got Welland NetShare GX - ME-752GNS second hand but it has a set IP and I cant access it or change the IP without getting into the config but to do that it needs to connect.

Iv'e searched up guides on the interwebs but nothing helps with factory reset.

Really need help on this one.


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there's a reset button. with the power on, push that in and hold it for a minute. that should reset it to factory default.

default IP address of NAS;

you have to set the IP of your computer to be on the same subnet, in this case that would be a computer ip of 169.254.0.XXX

xxx can be any number that's not in use, like .1. pick a number between say 20 and 250 that another device on your network isn't already using.

hope that helps.

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As a user of Windows operating system and a router, then you can identify the IP address o your router within a few minutes. At first, click on the Windows button on your keyboard and look at the Start screen. You have to choose the Search Programs and files field and then type in the “cmd” in it. Once you have done it, you can focus on icon on the subject of “cmd” in the list. You have to click this icon and type “ipconfig’.

If you have entered this term in the most relevant field, then you can press the ENTER button. Now, you have to look at the numbers separated by dot. These numbers are the IP address of your default gateway entry. You can note this address as a default IP address of your router.

Mac OS users

Go to the launch pad in your Mac and choose the search bar in it. You have to type “Terminal” in this search bar and click on the icon in this subject. Once the is opened, you have to type in the command netstat – nr 1 grep default. Now, you can look at the output. The second line of output appears on the screen reveals the IP address of your router. If your ip address of a router is192.168.0.1, then you have to use this access to do anything with your router’s settings.

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1. Type a MAC address of your repeater router device into the repeater Mac address 1 box.

2. Then, note down a mac address of your router from the wireless mac of this particular router field on this page.

3. Click Apply.

4. After that, you have to connect your computer to the wireless router which you want to use as the repeater using the standard Ethernet cable.

5. Login to your router device using the ip address, default username and password.

6. Click advanced and also wireless repeating function.

7. Type your base station mac address in the appropriate box.

8. In this step, you have to enter the IP address of your repeater router in to the repeater IP address box. For the Netgear router, this ip address must be Then, click Apply.

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