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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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No backlight after liquid spill

Spilled liquid on the table behind the unit and because it lays flat on the surface (no feet!), the liquid flows into the rear vent and shorts the unit.

Shown to 2 different Geniuses but wouldn't turn on, opened it, saw the liquid dry marks, says not covered by warranty, need to pay $755 flat fee (WHAT?!).

Took it home, logged on to (AWESOME!) and disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. Now it starts up and functions normally except there is no backlight on the functioning main screen (external monitor works fine).

Any suggestions on what to do next? Thanks in advance!

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I've just had an opportunity to test the unit with a brand new display and the backlight still did not work! The display works perfectly but without the backlight. So I guess I am down to the LVDS cable or the Logic Board. The LVDS cable is not sold anywhere and the Logic Board is way over my budget. Any suggestions? Anyone? Thanks!


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You likely blew the backlight fuse when it shorted out from a liquid spill - this is common. The fuse can be replaced and the backlight should come back on. The fuse is on the underside of the logic board.

You can find all the info you need here: Detailed Logic Board Question. No Backlight..

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First check the cable connections

then the cable itself... especially the ends and look for cuts or breaks If they're all good you may need a new display as I think that's an LED not an LCD unit.

Checking the numbers on the back of the display will let you know if it's LED.

Good Luck,


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Thanks for the advice. Checked the connector and the cable but still no backlight. I guess I need a new display. :( I'm assuming that the backlight is integral to the LCD, so I don't have to purchase the $500 display assembly, just the $100+LCD panel itself? Thanks again!


I believe that it's very difficult to exchange LCD panels-the circuitry can easily be damaged it's not really a DIY repair.

==== Good Luck,

N. ====


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