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MacBook will only run on AC after replacing a swollen battery, why?

My battery was swollen so i removed it and bought a used one (reportedly in good working order). But my computer won't acknowledge the battery. I can boot it up without the battery (press power button ten seconds, then while still pressing connect magsafe adapter, then release and press once) It runs fine on AC, but with a really loud fan. Not sure what's going on. Did the previous severely swollen battery damage a connection? I'd love any tips on how i might fix this. thanks.

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Look at the state of your battery in System Information (aka Profiler) power. Your used battery could be a dud. In fact new batteries sometimes fail straight out of the box.

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thanks for this response. in system information it says there is no battery connected, even though there is one. this makes me wonder if its a problem on the computer end.


Yes that's possible - normally when that battery swells it' gets hot… it may be caused because it shorted out (I know there were/are a lot of swelling batteries out there - most have been attributed to "manufacturing defects" but I've never heard what the defect was). Before replacing the ribbon connector look at the area around the logic board for burned and swollen parts under a magnifying glass.


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