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La cinquième génération de l'iPhone. La réparation de cet appareil est simple, mais nécessite des tournevis, des outils pour faire levier et enfin de la patience. GSM/CDMA en 16, 32 ou 64 Go / iPhone noir ou blanc.

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Front facing camera freezes, not working!


I keep reading the great solution for the iPhone 4 front facing camera issue after screen replacement, but nothing fo the 4S.

I did a screen replace on a 4S, switching also from white to black. Since then, the front facing camera just won't work. When I switch form the rear camera to the facetime one, i just get a blurred image from what was on the rear camera, but nothing active on the front facing camera.

I read about a small jumper that may have gone missing on the 4 version, but is there a similar jumper on the 4s that could have broken off? All the 4 version photographes are - of course- totally different from what I see on the 4s mobo. I already replaced the camera, but nothing still.

All help is greatly appreciated.

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The little jumper on the iPhone 4 when it goes you can't see the camera what so ever it would be stuck on camera shutter.. Was going to say change the camera but u have done that .. I would check u haven't damaged the pins on the motherboard

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I was wondering if there had been a solution to your dilemma. I too have the same issue with an iPhone 4s

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Nothing yet then has anyone got a solution for iPhone 4s front camera fix

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