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Why won't my MacBook battery keep my laptop on after unplugging

When the plug is on the Mac and turned on everything works and it shows it's connected and charging or charged but when I unplug the computer it shutdown. I've had the battery replaced and it all keeps doing the same thing.

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What does System Information have to say about the status of your charger and battery?

Logic board damage (SMC) chip could be a reason but this is not something that can easily be diagnosed over the internet. I suggest you contact Apple, or have a Apple Shop give you an estimate of what's wrong and what they want to do do repair it.

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Everything says the battery is working great and the person who replaced the battery for me also said according to the computer it all looked great. And the responses on the computer system were good as well. I suppose it may be the logic board. I guess a trip to Apple will have to be the next move. Thank you.


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