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6ème génération de l'Apple iPhone, annoncé le 12 septembre 2012. La réparation de cet appareil est similaire aux précédents modèles et nécessite des tournevis et des outils pour ouvrir et faire levier. Disponible en GSM ou CDMA / 16, 32 ou 64Go / Noir ou Blanc.

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Need help on troubleshooting

I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to test a logic board for function without installing it back into the frame? I have a board pulled and am working on, and I was wondering what I would need to make it function without having to reinstall it over and over. The Lcd/Digi, Battery, dock and power button flex. Does it need the frame for the grounding?

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I believe it does. you should put it back in the frame for testing.

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nope. You can totally test it outside of the frame. Solder a lead to the bat + and - pins and attach to alligator clips to a DC power supply. You can use powerflex to power on, then disconnect and take readings on both sides of the board. I'm doing it right now :)


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What should the DC supply be rated to? I assume a 9V will have different results than a car battery.


I mean a benchtop variable DC power supply specifically used for troubleshooting electronics. Pick one up for $100. You can use it for all sorts of things--charging dead batteries, pushing current into phones with a short to allow the heat buildup to show you where the short is, and doing what you're doing here--testing a phone without using a battery.

You would give the phone exactly 3.8 V---9V or 12V would kill it.


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