Modèles A1237 ou A1304 / processeur 1.6, 1.8, 1.86 ou 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo

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Magsafe DC-in board moving? A1304


The screws on the Magsafe DC-in board of my Macbook Air A1304 hold the board down to the case but not rigidly. In other words the board can still move around a bit. Is that normal? This laptop belonged to someone else previously and I have a feeling that they opened it. It's almost as though there should be some washers on the screws or does the board have to move around slightly?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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A tiny (millimeter) bit of play is acceptable, more (centimeters) not good… continued flexing could eventually break wires or connector. Metal gets stiff with repeated flexing and will crack.

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