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Also known as the Incredible 2, the successor of the HTC Droid Incredible is identifiable by the model number S710E.

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Why Battery is not charging fully?


My incredible S doesn’t charge fully, max can charge 47% only, after that there is no improvement keep showing amper indication only, I have tried with 3 ROM but result is same. Then I have changed battery still same, I tried in different way to charge my batteries fully (2 x new battery) then insert in, still result is same. Someone please help me what could be the problem? Why phone doesn’t charge/show to 100% and not turn it to Green. Is phone main board problem? Or better change the phone? I am totally struggle with this phone. I suspect power IC is a problem. what is the solution for it?

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May be that where you charge the fone from are missing its 'Teeth' i would advise you to take it to get seen to as i had this problem with an old fone. And it was soon sorted :) I hope this helps you.

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Sir, jab apna mobile phone htc s710e charging ke liye lagata hon to indication a jati hai but battery ki parcentage nhi bhadti hai.

plz reason bta dein.Thanks

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