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La PlayStation 3 Slim est la deuxième version de la console de jeu vidéo PS3 produite par Sony Computer Entertainment. Elle est sortie le 1er septembre 2009.

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CECH 2001a disk drive makes eject sound when disk is install.

Ok i replaced my laser in my ps3. I get this eject sound from it after a little while. the disk stays in and stops spinning. it will play all other types of formats like my ps1 version of metal gear solid but not my black ops 2. i just cannot wrap my head around this. Any and all help would greatly be appreciated.

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Hi the lasers is dirty or bad. Trying cleaning it with a q-tip and alochol if that don't work then try going to the secret menu and do option 3 then if that still don't work do option 4 if they both don't work then the lens is forsure bad.

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