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Got gunk in my DVD drive, now it spits everything out?

I stuck a DVD in my drive and it made weird sounds. I had to reboot the laptop to get it out. When I got it out, I noticed it had some sticky stuff on it. Now my drive rejects every disc I put in. What do I do?!

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Can you identify what it is?

You may end up replacing the optical drive.

If it's not do bad try using a damp cloth or cotton swab (Q-Tip) to wipe the exposed external surfaces of the slot with a window cleaner (wet the cloth/swab , don't spray the system).

If that won't do it you'll need to open the system up, are you up to it?

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Thanks Dan! This is precisely what ended up happening--had to have the optical drive replaced. But it was covered under Apple Care, because the computer is brand new!


Thats good! I like free repairs ;-} If this answer answered your question please remember score it and mark it accepted.


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