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How to deal with iPod after fall in the water?

My iPod was poured in the water. i dried by the lamp for 3 days, then when i turn it on, it's working, but the screen has no light. what can i do now ?

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I usually purchase Silica Gel Packets and pack the iPod in a bowl of them then place that in your refrigerator. Yeah, I know what your thinking, but the refrigerator is the driest area in your house. The next step is dismantling in order to reach the LCD. I purchased my LCD for $10.00 off Amazon thru 3rd party.

Every time I open up a mobile device that's been submerged, I've always found moisture behind the LCD no matter how long you dry soak it. Especially with the droid and iPhone touch screens. In my humble opinion, I don't think you can truly get all the water/moisture from an enclosed device until you take it apart. Unless the rice trick works better than my method?

A friend gave me his iPhone after he'd lost it in the snow. We found it the following spring just drenched. We tried the silica packs and refrigerator trick then tore it down. Air dried it for a few days and replaced the battery, water ruined LCD and touch screen. Put it back together and it worked fine. It was a Hail Mary Rebuild for less than $50. All I can say is that the battery died after he dropped it and that prevented the rapid decay of circuits and components.

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i've read your comment on the other question and since you still have the problem, i'll try to help you.

first of all - if you still want to use it, you won't get around the work ;-)

use the guides to open the iPod, make sure that you use the proper tools for that and everything will be fine.

when the iPod is open, disconnect the battery (that means desolder it anda after you're done, resolder it) use some isopropyl alcohol (with more than 90%) and a soft paintbrush to carefully clean everything on the logicboard that looks "odd" (white/greenish stuff) - take also care about all connectors, be careful with the ribbon cables!

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Putting it into dry, uncooked rice is better, because it actually sucks up the liquid.

Also, its already dried so you can't really dry it anymore.

ifixit sells LCDs for iPod touches:

iPod touch 1st gen color display

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Truth to be said, rice has its drawbacks. For example, usually food-grade rice has already taken in some moisture, so you should buy rice held in a sealed plastic pouch and not in a mere cardboard box, and then you should avoid getting rice in the earphone jack and other small holes, or be prepared to remove them quickly.

I still believe your suggestion is a good one, since everyone has rice at home. However, I'd use, in order of efficiency:

1. A Thirsty Bag, sold here on iFixit

2. Lacking a Thisty Bag, Silica Packs, as much as you can gather

3. Lacking Silica Packs, a Tupperware filled with uncooked rice

Past uncooked rice: well, there's nothing else. Everyone can buy some uncooked rice. Just, get the one in the plastic, sealed pouch.


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