Model A1225 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2.4, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Transplanting internals to a new case

Hello, everyone,

I, clearly like many others, have an EMC 2134 Mid-2007 iMac with a failing LCD screen. I'd hate to get rid of an otherwise capable machine but I don't want to replace the screen, so I wonder: have any of you tried transplanting the internals from an iMac into a generic case? One idea: I thought of mounting the LB and associated components on a wood board.

Hoping for a few creative ideas! Thanks!

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How is transplanting the internals going to fix the LCD?


It won't. My idea is to connect an external LCD monitor to the Logic Board using the Mini-DVI connector.


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If you are doing this for fun then I would go hog wild here.

How about creating a case using one of the new 3D printers. Here in Boston you can get your CAD drawings turned into the object at a MakerBot Store now. Others also offer the service on still bigger 3D printers! You can do a bunch of different colors to boot! While I haven't looked you may even find someone has already created a case which you can adapt for your iMac logic board. You'll need to think about EMI shielding in any case.

The only issue would be making all of the needed measurements from your current case to translate over to the new case. I wouldn't alter the placement of the things internally.

I would look at a VESA mount setup so you could mount your new screen to the case (so the case is lined up like it is now) and then mount the iMac foot to the case or put a second VESA mount to mount it to a display stand off.

If the other hand you're trying to save some bucks then I think I would sell the system for parts and get a new one.

To be honest, I have an old MacBook with a dead display and I'm thinking on doing this my self. I have a theme of a Clam in my head right now. Can you see it, a large clam shell sitting on ones desk only to discover its a laptop when you crack it open!

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Clam shell Macs have been done. But here's how to get it to work:


Mayer, Use your imagination here, I'm talking about a real one right out of the sea clam look a like. And yes, its a come off of the old iBook clamshell system ;-}


Now THAT'S imagination! :) A 3-D printed case is quite the ambitious solution. I would have to really develop chops for a project like that. I hadn't heard of such a case, but look what a cursory search revealed:

I think a Macbook is a perfect candidate: low thermal profile, small components. If you pursue the construction of such a case, definitely blog about it and share with the iFixit crowd!

Back to the iMac: your mention of EMI shielding gave me pause -- I hadn't thought about the need for it. Aren't the components already shielded? I do like the idea of a VESA solution, but I thought I could take this opportunity to find a better form factor for the iMac internals (like a microITX-size box or something to that effect.


Don't let the EMI aspect bum you out its not that hard to do. As to the case you really need to have it in the same orientation it is now as the air flow across the logic was designed for a chimney setup Vs flat side down. If you do a flat layout you'll likely need more cooling.


Yes, that case design would work as the panels are just Plexiglas sheets cut with a trimmer router. I think there is some metal coated sheet stock you could use for the EMI. And then design your end plates and mounts using the 3D printer. - Come on! you can do it ;-}


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