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Replacing wifi part help

Is it possible to replace the wifi part in an iPod touch 3rd gen 32gb? I looked online and only found 2nd gen wifi parts.

if your wondering, my iPod got water damaged and now the wifi doesn't work anymore. I already replaced the battery, digitizer, and lcd now i need the wifi fixed

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What do you think that you have to change ???

sometimes the karts are only shorted or the connection is weak - replacing those parts sounds sometimes easy - since the iPod had a water damage - it could also be some shorted parts.

i have a first gen. touch with no wifi reception - but when i was standing besinde the wifi router - it had full reception - some of the "no wifi" iPod's have only a weak reception - that would mean a bad antenna or shorted parts - or some weak solderings - but the wifi is mostly not "dead" - maybe you should try that first

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