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Processeur quad-core Intel Core i7 à 2,4 GHz, 2,7 GHz ou 2,8 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,8 GHz) avec 6 Mo de cache L3 partagé.

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I was using my macbook without the AC cable, running by its battery which has no any draining issue before. After I got 4% battery, I connected the cable but it says REPLACE BATTERY NOW. as I said, the battery was perfect with its performance before this and I haven't any trouble before. When I disconnect the AC cable, it goes off.

My macbook like a new and I don't use it much because I have iMac.

What should I do please!

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Did they end up replacing your battery at no expense to you? I would imagine they did. Please post a follow up. Thanks!


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I could see an older model needing a new batt but a early '13 model shouldn't need it for at least 3 yrs.

Given the age of your system I would recommend going to Apple to have it repaired under Warranty ASAP as your time is running out (1 year without an extended Apple Care warranty).

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